About Me

My mom would yell out the window that she was making cookies or a pumpkin pie, which would break me away from the block-wide game of cops ‘n robbers or whatever I was involved with the neighborhood kids doing. It was the alchemical measuring and mixing of ingredients and application of heat that fascinated my young mind. I soon was able to discern which ingredients were for flavor and which were the structural building blocks of the transmogrified baked goods. Cooking and baking has always fascinated me, even to this day.

I love cooking; mainly because I love eating. But I think what I love most about cooking is that there is an unlimited amount of components that can be combined in an unlimited number of ways, and within a short period of time your efforts will yield results that often make people smile and are always a learning experience.

Whether my food comes out great or horrible it’s always fun. I always learn something from both my mistakes and my successes.


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