Kitchen 12/22/09

Clutter status isn’t too bad. There are only a few dirty dishes on the counter, and those are from breakfast this morning. The pile of groceries to the left of the stove are cookie ingredients – a temporary mess. Same with all the cans on top of the microwave, Christmas Dinner ingredients, all will be gone by Thursday! The island..yeah that’s another story. Everyone stores shampoo, a cat brush, cat treats, and dishwasher tabs right next to their Kitchen-Aid mixer and food processor components, right?

When we first moved into this house, the refrigerator door opened from right to left, so we actually had to step around the island and be outside of the kitchen in order to get into the fridge. In a flurry of frustration and Italian curse words the fridge door was removed and underwent a handle and hinge reversal procedure. The stupidest thing about it was the freezer door opened the proper direction. Who thought that was a good idea?

Despite what appears to be lots of cupboard space, we have very little storage. The cupboards are tiny and maybe about 8 inches deep. We’ve had to improvise, such as a pantry out of the picture to the left of the espresso machine that holds all of our Tupperware and other infrequently used larger items, also the recently acquired bookshelf you see in front of the island. That was a fine solution for cookbook, Kiddo lunch accessories, and infrequently used chili bowls there on the top shelf.

Speaking of the island, the countertop overhangs the island where the bookshelf is because the builders didn’t use the proper sized countertop for the island they had installed. Hence, the countertop wobbles as it is only held to the island by 3 screws, one screw on each side except the fourth side because it doesn’t line up properly. I could rip the whole thing off with ease using my bare hands. Maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity!

Oh! Another thing about the island. On the other side are two cupboard doors sharing the same large cupboard space underneath, and two drawers above each cupboard door. Or at least, one drawer and one drawer facing. Apparently, the builders thought it better to screw the drawer facing shut rather than actually install the drawer that belongs there.

I guess I can’t complain. I’ve lived in places with smaller kitchens and less counter space. Except that one big chunk of counter space must be occupied with the microwave. It would have been nice to have a built-in microwave, maybe above the stove instead of those pretty worthless cupboards.

I put up the spice shelf above the stove. Probably not the best place to store herbs and spices…But it’s working out better than where we used to keep them – in that little narrow cupboard above the kitchen sink. I’d like to shake the hand of the MDF kitchen designer who came up with that jewel of a spacesaver!

After putting up the spice shelf I noticed something wrong. I was blocking the hood’s fan, but then I realized, this doesn’t vent anywhere. There’s no chimney in the cupboards above, nor is there one on the wall going into the roof. There’s no vent here! The fan is useless! *facepalm*

Such is the kitchen. But I still get along pretty good in there. Maybe someday I’ll get it organized a little better.


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